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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Falls Rd. Feature

After taking a day off on Wednesday to go visit the Baltimore Museum of Industry and the Visionary Arts Museum (it's only a coincidence that we also got to avoid the sweltering heat--honest!), we resumed work at the Falls Rd. site today. Dave and Jacinda finished up most of the mapping with the laser transit, and they are quite happy about it--it can be something of a boring job, especially for the prism-holder. they then opened a test unit adjacent to the foundation of the addition to the burned-down house; hopefully, they'll be able to find a builder's trench and determine an age for the addition. In my unit, Diamond and I continued troweling through several layers, before coming down upon what appears to be a circular feature. We're not sure yet what it might be, but our best guess is that it is a post mold (the area where a fence post was once inserted into the ground) surrounded by a post hole (the hole that was dug so the post could be inserted, and then filled back in to stabilize the post). We mapped it today, and tomorrow we'll dig into it to see if we can find any diagnostic (datable) artifacts or other clues as to the nature of this feature.

On another note, we will be holding another Public Dig Day soon--we'll post details on the blog soon, but you can also keep your eyes out for our fliers around Hampden!


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