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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

First Day a Success

The 2006 season of public archaeology in Hampden is officially underway as Dave and I, along with three of our intrepid Baltimore Youthworks assistants (Thomas, Jacinda and Diamond), returned to the Pacific St. site to continue excavations there. We actually began the morning at the Hampden Family Center, washing artifacts from last year while we waited to see if the rain would stop. It did, so we headed out to Stone Hill around 11:30. The first order of business was to lay out a new unit at the back of the yard, where we hope to find the privy.

After lunch, Jacinda and Diamond began stripping the sod off of the unit, while Dave took Thomas over to another unit (laid out a few weeks ago) where we think a small building or shed once stood. Diamond and Jacinda are finding coal, oyster shell, brick, plaster, and some 20th-century coins in their unit--nothing spectacular, but then again, they haven't even gotten past the grass roots yet. Dave and Thomas have discovered a cinder block in their unit; so far, we can't tell if there are others around it, which would suggest the previous existence of a structure, or if it's just a single block. They are also finding glass and ceramic artifacts in the top layer, which doesn't appear to be too deep.

Weather permitting, we'll be back out at Pacific St. tomorrow from about 8:30 to 2. More updates to come!


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