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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Annual Field Session to Kick Off Next Week

We are gearing up once again for six weeks of dirt-moving, sweat-from-the-brow-wiping, soil-sifting, artifact-discovering fun! Yes indeed, the time has finally arrived for the beginning of the second annual Field Session in Community Archaeology here in Hampden. The project is great fun because it gives us an opportunity to conduct research in public, with the public, and with local youth who learn about archaeology and heritage while getting paid by Baltimore City's Youthworks program. This summer we are receiving additional support from the Hampden Community Council, the Hampden Family Center, and the Baltimore Community Foundation, so thanks to them!

In addition to excavating at two Hampden sites this summer, we will also be holding a couple of public "dig days" at the sites on Saturdays. One will be on 8 July, and the other on 29 July. These have been a lot of fun in the past, and we encourage anyone interested to watch this spot for further updates.

So, as always, interested parties are welcome any time, but should contact us first by clicking here to send an email. Also, if you'd like some more information, you can check out our web page at the Center for Heritage Resource Studies.


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