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Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Plea for Help

In doing historical research on Hampden, Dave and I have been plagued by a persistent problem: There are very few, if any, primary historical sources pertaining to Hampden workers' experiences from their own perspective. We have newspaper descriptions of strikes and labor organizing meetings, the company newsletter from the early 1920s to illustrate life in the mills, and historical booklets from jubilee celebrations that were written (usually) by middle-class Hampden residents. But thus far, the only primary sources directly representing workers' experiences are the oral histories performed by the Baltimore Neighborhood Heritage Project, Guy Holliday, and Dave. While these are excellent resources to have, there are other kinds of primary sources that would just as helpful, especially the further back in time they go (the oral histories mainly cover life in Hampden from about 1910 forward).

So, I am taking this opportunity to ask our loyal readers to share any primary sources they may have about life in Hampden during earlier times. Such sources could include diaries, letters, family bibles and geneaologies, union meeting minutes, etc. If you have anything like this, and are willing to share them with us, you will have our undying gratitude, and will also have made a very important contribution to the history of workers in Hampden.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should hang out in Brick Hill and ask the nieghbors...many have lived in their homes for generations!!!!

10:44 AM  

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