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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Metapost: Comments Wanted

I used to chalk the fact that we never got any comments on the blog up to our lack of readership. However, now - mostly thanks to Bob's recent posts - that we've reached over 1200 hits, and folks are watching the blog with some regularity, I have decided to publish an appeal for additional comments. If you watch this space, and especially if you live in or near Hampden, or are from Hampden, or if issues around heritage, history or gentrification effect you in some way, please let us know about it. We really want this blog to be a forum for public discussion. Anyone can post comments - you don't have to be a Blogger member, and you don't have to leave your name.

In the spirit of this, I think I'm going to start publishing small posts from time to time asking folks what they think about pressing issues surrounding Hamdpen's past and present. But you don't have to wait for these things. Leave us a comment. If you're a regular lurker, let us know who you are, and tell us what keeps you coming back.


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