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Friday, January 20, 2006

Belated summary on "Notes on History"

I just realized that right before Christmas I promised to post something on the 1938 periodical publication Notes on History during the first week of January. Well, school has been hectic, so I forgot, but better late than never:

The fiftieth anniversary of Hampden's incorporation into the city (1938) also happened to be the year in which Hampden resident Robert Hayes began publishing the periodical Notes on History: Hampden-Woodberry and other parts of Baltimore. Hayes apparently published this periodical from his home four times a year. The first issue was most likely published during the summer of 1938; at least four issues were published through May, 1939. After this date, the fate of the periodical is unknown. (If anyone out there has any more information about this, I'd love to hear from you.)

This publication consisted of various reminiscences of Hampden "old-timers," brief histories of local churches, old newspaper items about businesses and people in Hampden, and portions of the membership roll of Dennison Post No. 8 of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR—an organization in which many Hampdenites took great pride during the late 19th century), among other assorted items. Hampden's industries were rarely mentioned; two exceptions were the reprinting of obituaries for Robert Poole (owner of the Poole and Hunt Foundry, in issue number two) and James E. Hooper (owner of the Hooper mills in Hampden, in issue number 3). As in the jubilee souvenir book, names are prominent throughout Notes on History—the membership roll of the GAR is only one example. Others include lists of pastors and lay officials at various churches; members of social and religious organizations active in Hampden; the muster roll of the First Mechanical Volunteer Company from Baltimore (during the Civil War); business owners listed in an 1878 business directory of Hampden-Woodberry; a selection of names and epigrams from the autograph book of one Mollie DePasquale; and a list of the "Nativity of Some Hampden-Woodberry Families."

Ok, enough for now--I have to save something for next week.


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