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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Some quick photos of ongoing fieldwork

Fieldwork this season is proceeding apace. We have opened up two major areas for investigation. The first is within the footprint of 19th-century household. The second, on the southern portion of the site, is in a midden or trash pit area with a dense concentration of artifacts from the late 19th and early twentieth-century. Beneath that lays a thick, homogeneous deposit full of 19th century artifacts. This deposit may represent a privy for the two known houses on the site, or may in fact constitute evidence of a third major structure. Continued excavation will help to answer this question.

Project Co-Director Bob Chidester examines a hand-blown bottle recovered from the site while young Hampden residents Jonathan Ingram and Tyrek Greene begin work on a new excavation unit.

Tarrell Stokes of the Independence Local 1 School in Hampden listens to some tunes while he screens for artifacts.

Here, a makers mark on the base of an Ironstone vessel reads, "warranted Balt.", indicating the pot's local origins.

A transfer-printed tea vessel located beneath what was once the floor of the house in Area 1 speaks not only about the habits of Victorian people, but also hints at the class identity of the site's inhabitants. A number of artifacts have been recovered from fairly pristine deposits in this area, which Bob is expertly excavating.

Here, excavation of a partial unit reveals the stone foundations of a standing house in an attempt to locate information about the construction date of the house being excavated.


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